Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reddit alien in LaTeX

What to do on a lazy sunday afternoon? Well, there are probably a thousand useful
things one could do, but I chose to do something completely useless. And here it is, the reddit alien drawn in LaTeX (using PsTricks) :)





% head
% ears
% eyes
% mouth
% the tentacle thingie
% arms
% body
% feet


Note that I used the memoir document class, but you could also use article if you don't have memoir available (the results would be the same). The alien does not look exactly the same as the official reddit one, but who cares? And here is what you should get when you run this example through LaTeX:

And people say LaTeX suxx...


JimmyL said...

I came to see the reddit alien in latex. I am not amused.

If you're a drudge fan: drudgetracker.com

Bert Q. Slushbrow, Sr. said...

Well, he WAS pretty specific about this being LaTeX and not latex. Your average, garden variety geek should really know the difference.

Apurva said...

Wow! I bow to your greatness sir.
And nobody has ever told me that LaTeX sucks.

Steve Jones said...


Jullia Grace said...

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